iPhone Super Timer. 8 concurrent timers. Multi-tasking at its best.

Super Timer for iPhone
8 concurrent timers in your pocket.

Super Timer helps you to multi-task to the max. 8 concurrent timers to alarm and notify on all outstanding tasks.

Super Timer

8 Super Timers

Use Super Timer to set timers for up to 8 concurrent tasks. It will notify you even when it is not running. It is also free. Download it now.

Easy to Setup

Super Timer has 1 big knob and 3 small knobs. Timer Selection, Hour, Minute and Second. Turn either knobs to set the time and click Start to activate the timer. Move the main knob to another set for a new timer.

Sleek Design

We design Super Timer to looks cool even when it is not counting down. Download it now and be super.

Available in App Store

Get Super Timer from App Store now and starts to multitask like never before.

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