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Questions and Help

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Tips & Tricks

Use Remind Before to set early reminder. It is best to remind a day or two in advance.

Swipe the item to delete it.

Set remind daily settings to let your reminder be reminded daily.

It will remind you every day at 9am.

Help & Answers

How to create a new reminder?
Click + button. Enter the reminder text and set the due date. Remember to save it.

What is Repeat Monthly for?
If Repeat Monthly is turned on, it will repeatedly remind you every month when the date is due.

What about Alarm Time?
Set Alarm Time to let Reminder App remind you at a particular time of the day before the item due. Default alarm time is at 9:00 am.

I need daily reminder before event due. How to do that?
Set Reminder App's alarm to Remind every day. This settings is available under alarm section.

What is Urgent for?
Urgent is a place where all urgent items are stored. It keep tracks up to the minute before the item is due.

What is Remind Before?
When Remind Before is set, Reminder App will send out reminder before the actual event happens. If Remind Before is set to 3 days, Reminder will send reminder and alarm 3 days before the actual event.

Why is there Current and Archived in Edit screen?
Current tab is to show currently active reminders which Reminder App will set alarm accordingly. Archived tab is for all past and inactive reminders. To set a reminder to be active again, turn on Repeat Monthly.

I want to disable all alarms. Is it possible
Click Edit, go to Settings and there is an option to disable all alarms.

I want a yearly, quarterly, half-yearly and whatever, it is available in Reminder?
Multiple type of event repeat options is available in version 1.2.1

How to add new category in Reminder?
Go to Settings, and click Category. Choose to Add New Category function.

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