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. Watch this bleach manga & tv video, ulquiorra x orihime (hot), on fanpop and browse other when he turned 18 he took orihime with him and moved to a different place. He then died in a car.

Inoue Orihime by lchrno on DeviantArt
Inoue Orihime by lchrno on DeviantArt from

Though an unlikely union, rukia and orihime had found comfort in each other in between all the fighting. Orihime inoue from the anime bleach. Orihime is reasonably hot, but there are others, including some in bleach:

Rangiku matsumoto (who has an even bigger rack) haineko (rangiku's zanpakuto, whose body is a cross between rangiku.

Wouldn't she have done so with the old bankai if that was a possibility? O_o if orihime actually acted like this in the manga well i can only dream. See more of orihime inoue (bleach) on facebook. You could read the latest and hottest bleach 3:

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