1000+ chinese flash card in your pocket.

Chinese Card for iPhone
1000 cards in your pocket

Chinese Card is suitable for quick review of chinese flash card, either in a car, train and even playground. For anywhere and everywhere.

Chinese Card App

For Everyone

Easily create stacks of cards which different meaning for revisions. Useful for parents or teacher to teach kids/student to learn Chinese. More than 1000 words available in the library to choose from. Quick way to practice Chinese words everyday, everywhere.

Easy to Remember

Clear design with high contrast stimulates the memory. It reduces the learning period and with mark as complete function, hides all familiar words and reduces the work load to repeat remembered words. Alternatively, use it as self-revision tool. Very practical.

Fun to Use

Makes learning fun. Show the character or put them together to form a sentence with easy sorting function. It makes learning fun and creative. For teachers, students can use Chinese Card to form different combination of characters by just choosing more words from the library.

Download and Learn

Get Chinese Card app from now and starts to have fun learning Chinese.

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