Below are commonly asked questions related to Textmode iPhone app.

How to install View Text link in Mobile Safari?

Follow the instruction on the main page or you can click here. Add the page as bookmark in Mobile Safari. Copy the link as mentiond in the main page. Replace the link in the bookmark with this one via edit bookmark function.

Cannot find fullscreen function. How to activate full screen?

Just click on the side of the screen to activate the fullscreen and click again at the side to return back to normal. Highlighted red.

How to change text size?

Touch on the check tab and a selection for increase and decrease font size will appears. To reset to default size, click the center font letter.

Some of the webpages cannot be view properly.

We are not able to view webpages with many flash objects such as video streaming sites and etc. It is suitable for web pages with long text such as blogs, articles and etc.

Cannot turn on night view on search engine results.

E.g. search results from Google cannot be converted to night view mode. Night view mode is only for text article as it is designed to enhance reading experience under low light conditions.
Night view is also available on the desktop. Look for Night View link.

More Information

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