Textmode for iPhone

Designed to enhance readability of web pages on small screen. Users are not able to focus on the content of the pages. With Textmode, only text is displayed and make reading of web pages with long text easy and fast. Textmode can be used to view wikipedia, search references and read it on your iPhone.


Downloading of images and other data takes a long time over wireless network. With Textmode, only text is downloaded in compressed form to facilitate the download speed.

Switch Between Text And Image

For Textmode, it displays text and only text. Thus, using Textmode, you can focus solely on the content. Just like reading a book. It convert normal website to text based similar to e-book style. Make your web reading experience like e-book reading. If you want to see the full web page, just switch to Image Mode. Image Mode loads full web page and you can view it in full screen in your phone.


Textmode makes reading the web pages like reading novel. Use it together with your favourite desktop web browser and it will be a very useful companion. Or if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, try out Textmode for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Full Screen Web Browsing

With fullscreen functionality, you can make user of the whole iPhone display for best reading experience. Tap either size of your screen to view in full screen mode. Textmode also support full screen web-browsing with graphics. It is called Image Mode. In Image Mode, you can view web pages with all the images.


  • Pleasant reading screen.
  • Fullscreen for maximum readability area. Support full web pages view with images.
  • Offline mode.
  • Forward and back navigation.
  • Bookmark frequently read item.
  • Automatically remember last read position.
  • Quick viewing of text via bookmark link in Mobile Safari.
  • Faster download of pages as only text is downloaded.
  • Able to perform Internet search directly.
  • External links can be view in text mode immediately.

Quick Setup

Enable Textmode in iPhone Mobile Safari
Step 1: Bookmark this page.

copy the text below and edit the bookmark and replace the bookmark's content

javascript:window.location = 'textbrowser:///open?url='+escape(window.location)

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